Treehouse Intern: Day 26

Running an AngularJS for .NET Developers Pluralsight demo
Bootstrapping Data in Angular Views

added to my notes:

Learn about ‘model string’
the code is tricky and fast but they should a very easy modular way to organize the code
but something about that this method should not be brought to production…

might need to review that bit

New site to add to my cool learning sites
– Discovered
Needs a 2 thumbs up!! an interactive DB task based learning and Tsql understanding…sweet!!

so I am running my emails
– RSS feed: Powershell – Got creative with some ‘Get-ChildItem tip’
:: Get-ChildItem IT World [Normal’s response to Honey’s question: “N01Husband what are you doing late at night with that Powershell?”
# Using the Get-ChildItem cmdlet
#    …to retrieve all “.ps1” files
#       …from your script directory.
#          …Then pipe the FileInfo objects to the Select-String cmdlet
#           look for, hmm, for the pattern “Write-Host”
#        Use the Quiet switch
# and pipe the results to the Group-Oject cmdlet.

LastDCBoyfriend is codeing:
GCI E:\DATA\PSExtras\ -Filter *.ps1 |
# Get-ChildIem race toward the path given
Select-String -Pattern “write-host” -Quiet |
# while cloaked locate the string value called ‘Write-host’

Well I am going to sign off now
but… I will give you a look at my TreeHouse Intern badge…
I am going to leave you with that!
…and to let you know I love you.
Say good night to the kids.
And keep coding. ::


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