Father’s Day : 2015

What Are Roots and Fifths?

The root and fifth pattern is one of the most common note patterns used by bass players. When a guitarist or keyboardist plays a chord, he or she is playing several notes at the same time — usually 3 or more different notes. Two of the notes which form each chord are called a root and a fifth. The root and fifth of the chord are the most supportive sounding notes a bassist can play beneath a chord. We are just adding one more note to the root note you learned about in the roots lesson.

Roots and fifths are conveniently the same pattern for almost every chord. It doesn’t matter if it’s a major chord, minor chord, or a power chord. You can apply this pattern pretty broadly when creating bass-lines. If you know the root note to play, you can use the fifth, too. It almost always works.

2014-10-31 018 


Why is It Called a Fifth?

I don’t want to get into the details of this too deeply in this lesson. The short answer is the notes of scales and chords are assigned specific numbers. The fifth is simply the fifth note of the scale from which it comes. In future lessons we will cover this more thoroughly.

2014-10-30 002

“…and that Daddy is why the groove sounds good?!…”

2014-10-31 019

He just wanted to play for fun, not learn a lot of “…this stuff…”, but the look on her face was so precious. So he said: show me once again baby..?!


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